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Last Updated : February 1, 2017

Edmund aka Dozent1_o2

Merrie aka krazy_scorpion
Birthdate November 8th
I'm a wife of 30yrs have 3 beautiful
boys. I enjoy playing canasta,
swimming, fall season, and
working on the SE team at 4Fun

Ruby aka wahoo_canasta2

Juan aka juanito2020

Bethe aka bethe_1962
Birthdate February 8th
I am very crafty. I love playing
cards and joking around. Talking
with the members of this league
is so much fun!!

Charlie aka femalechuck

Dan aka ddw_au1

Kris aka enchanted_bunny
Birthdate June 7th

Jan aka LushysMagic
Chillaxin in Canada

Jini and Rich aka
Jini and tn_slim_jewel

Amber aka stevesprettyangel_8
HA and Hillbillyjilly
Birthdate 8/8/82

Chrissy aka CanastaPlayer
Birthdate April 6th
Married with 3 boys.

Dawn aka lunchlady_dawn
Birthdate March 5th

Terrie aka ScoobyDoo2U
Birthdate April 2nd
Mother of 3 grown children.

Lisa and Ashley aka
sunnything99 and d3m0ng0dki11ax
Lisa Birthdate Oct 29th
Ashely Birthday Oct 30th

Tresa and Chelsea aka
tresacarlucci and chelsea75486tx
Tresa Birthdate 3/29/70
Chelsea Birthday Nov 8th

Tina aka CoffeNastaHolic5022
Birthdate 9/28/75
I am a proud mother of three,
one boy and two girls.
Love playing canasta here

Steph aka steph81
Birthdate December 27th
I am a huge animal lover, I
especially love dogs, I love
tattoos and piercings, playing
cards, spending time with friends,
family and my yorkies,
scrapbooking and photography.
I am a nut....I live in O H I O!!!

Autumn aka akail03
Birthdate June 30th
I have 3 brothers 2 are older and 1
younger and I had 3 cats Salem and
patches Casper but casper died so my
mom got another cat named Gracie and
I am a cat lover. I like to play out
in the snow and swim my goals are to
be an Olympia swimmer and I have
a mother and a father

Angela Hansburg Daniel aka angiehd
Birthdate April 27, 1967
I am a proud mother of two,
one boy and one girl. I am
also the proudest grandmother
of two boys. I am very friendly,
I love this gr8 league

Cris aka dolphinluvr50
Birthdate April 9, 1964
Mother of 4...1 human and 3 furbabies.
Kayla.Zeus and Benji. I love playing
canasta and I have found a new home
in this league. So glad I joined!!

Rhonda aka astisma
Birthdate October 30th
I am a wife of 25 years, a mother of
4 wonderful children and work in a
Middle School. I love playing canasta
and glad to be back home in 4fun!

Joanne aka jojo729561
Birthdate 8/21/72
I Live In Ohio, I am disabled, and
Love my Dog Buddy, and my cats Cleo
and Beans, I love canasta and spades,
Proud mother of a Daughter

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