Happy Halloween

It's the spookiest month of the year and we are getting back into the swing of things now that summer has ended! Below is some brief descriptions of a few of the upcoming events in October. We hope you will all have a wonderful time in 4Fun and join us for some very spooky fun!!!

Halloween Hunt
It's Halloween time, and it is time for a Halloween Scavenger Hunt!! This involves winning tournaments and finding items throughout the league pages. When you find a Halloween item, click on the link and send in via the form the item you have found.

Remember these items can be ANYWHERE!! Be sure to look all over the place!

To see the prizes and for more information please visit the link below:
Halloween Hunt

League Suggestions for October
Unfortunately, we did not get many league suggestions, only 3 total, so those are scheduled as follows:

October 18th - Guarantee Day (from DarknessEternal)
All day long, if you do not win any bux from the tournament, your entry fee will be refunded by the Admin team!! This will be done in one mass gifting after the day is over. If you win bux, but it is not as much as your entry fee, you will be gifted the difference.

October 22nd - Player Appreciation Day (from big_I2016)
All day long, there will be tournaments set up to show our appreciation for the players. This will include a few Big Buxx tournaments, lots of tournaments with TDDs, several tournaments with 2500 end scores, a couple tournaments with gift cards from Amazon, and a couple tournaments with prizes from the prize page.

There was one more suggestion but it was a mistake as it was a game suggestion, not a league suggestion to try.

Congrats to Winners!
Congrats to the following winners!!
BALL-istic for Sports - grannie_cuffs1
BALL-istic for Sports Quiz - CANASTA4FUN

If you are due a prize from the prize page, the prize page will be updated by the 15th with the information on what to choose.

That is all I have for now, please watch the Forum available
on the League's Main page for more updates as they come.

Thank you loyal funners for supporting 4Fun! Let's have a great autumn!

Amber (stevesprettyangel_8)

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