Hello Funners!!

May was a BIG month for all of us here in 4Fun, we had many changes occur and we hope they excite you all as much as we have been excited!

A Merge Has Occurred!
Late May, we welcomed Dragon Bay into 4Fun. We welcome all the new staff and members and really do hope they enjoy it here!!

League Rule Changes
Below you will find a few league rules I have made adjustments to. I did these changes based on feedback, suggestions, even complaints that have been sent in. Please read these over carefully and at the bottom is the link for the feedback page so you can send in your own thoughts. The changes will officially go into effect On June 10th. This will give everyone a little over a week to read over the changes so that they are not a surprise to anyone.

Slow Play and BRB's
We are changing some things in 4Fun, I have listened long and hard to the suggestions sent in by members and what the staff tells me they see as possible improvements. To help with slower games, we are going to decrease our slow play time to 30 seconds. This is a reasonable amount of time to play. If you are playing a game with a player that is taking longer than 30 seconds to play PLEASE message your hosting TD to have them come to the table to time the plays. DO NOT just post in lobby as it can be missed when the lobby gets to hopping.

BRB's happen a lot, and these will no longer be limited to only 3 in a game and then DQ. We do, however, expect folks to not abuse these. If your opponent says BRB, and you fear they will be gone longer than 3 minutes, PLEASE message your hosting TD as soon as possible. The sooner we are notified, the sooner we can start a timer and not leave you hanging. The hosting TD keeps the time, and we go by our clocks on our own computers, so we are the ones that have to start and stop the timers.

Doubles Timers
So I have listened, and we are going to try something different. An MIA timer for doubles games will now be 5 minutes to obtain a sub. If both players of a team are MIA, and/or the only player for a team is a sub and not an original player, then the timer will be 10 minutes to time out the entire team. I hope this will help move things along and not have to wait so long to get a sub when someone is not there.

Time Limits for Singles Games
Again, to keep things moving faster, we are changing the time limit for singles games to 30 minutes instead of 45 minutes. Doubles games will remain at 60 minutes for the time being while we determine if this is a good change or not.

On all the above changes, we want your FEEDBACK!!! Please send in your thoughts on how these changes work or do not work. If these are good changes, then wonderful, if they are bad changes, we will either fix it or put it back to how it was.
Feedback Form

That is all I have for now, please watch the Forum available on the Leagues Main page for more updates as they come.

Again, THANK YOU ALL for supporting our wonderful league!! Let's keep it wonderful!!

Amber (stevesprettyangel_8 / stevesangel_8)

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