Hello Funners and Happy Valentine's Day!!
February 2018

I appologize to all, I accidently sent February's Newsletter out with errors and information that wasn't correct. Please disregard the previous newletter, as this one is the correct/updated one.

First and Foremost we want to tell you how much we are now picking up with tournaments and players!! In the month of January we had a total of 650 tournaments!! That is 256 tours MORE than December 2017, a 56% increase! We wish to Thank Everyone for supporting this league and helping us all get back on our feet, you are all awesome!

Welcome to all of our new members!
Please join us for the new members' tournament on February 23rd @ 7 pm.
New Members' Tournament

If by chance, this day does not work out for you, or you'd like to
have your own special tournament, please fill out the form below
New Member Tournament Request

Be My Valentine Doubles Special
To celebrate with your loved Valentine this February, Chele will be hosting a Big Bux Doubles Special (True Swiss) on Monday, February 12, 2018 at 7:30 pm. The winning doubles team will receive 20,000 TD Bux, so please come, bring your Valentine and have some fun!

This doubles event will also be part of the Giving Back Special , as we wish to "love and help all". So please, if you haven't done so yet, we would love for you to join the event with the name of charity you wish to recieve help. To join, please click on the link and register with your id and your charity, you will be placed on a team. Giving Back. Remember, sign up ends in April, and this event continues till June 2018!!

January's Monthly Winners!

Our Member of the month by Voting is Rusty Rose
Our TD of the month by Voting is Aim4Him
Congratulations to the Winners, they each will receive 5000 ladderbux. If you haven't received them, please check with Stevesangel_8.

Our Monthly Collection

My Heart Beats For You!!
February is Valentine's month and hearts are EVERYWHERE!! Whether you are young or old, it is easy to get caught up in this month and proclaim your heart beats for your valentine alone. So this month, we are collecting hearts.

In order to officially claim a heart and mark it off your list you have to win the heart four times.

The Special Events team hopes you enjoy this event!!

Good luck to everyone and hope you have fun!!
Want to see the prizes and how you are doing? Click on the link below:
My Heart Beats For You

We know some of you have been asking about TOC's and other Special Events. We are currently in the process of reorganizing our TD guide, League rules, etc along with training tds. As soon as we all can be on same page we will start our Specials again. Please be patient with us as we are doing our darnest to make this league as great as it is. Thank you once again for supporting 4Fun!

Again, THANK YOU ALL for supporting our wonderful league!!
Let's keep the FUN happening in 4FUN!!

Your 4Fun Staff