Hello Funners!!
June 2020 Newsletter

The temperature's are rising outside, but we are staying cool in the 4Fun Lobby!!

Congrats Monthly Winners
Congrats to the following winners from May!!

TD of the Month - nrgizebunny_99
Member of the Month - lioness_05
May Flowers Winner - lioness_05

Previous Event Winners
Last month I mentioned that there were some winners of past events that still had to pick their prizes. First let me apologize, due to family issues and COVID, I have not been as vigilant as I should have been at making sure that winners were declared and announced. Because this is my fault and no one else's, I am giving folks extra time to pick their prizes.

The digital prizes on the prize page will stay for now, and may be there for all time, but you will see that now that we are done with our birthday bash, the amounts on the gift cards are at their normal $10 range in Section F.

The following players have all won prizes and should visit the prize page, link below, at their earliest covenience to pick their prize. Instructions are on the page, including the section you are to pick from. If you have any questions on these please feel free to contact me (Amber aka stevesangel_8) anytime.

Fall Mid Event - Catcher and Abbie
November 2019 - Pennycandy355
December Giveaway - Pennycandy355
December Giveaway - Catcher
December Giveaway - christinej
December 2019 - Chele
January 2020 - Lilnude
February 2020 - Pennycandy355
March 2020 - Abbie
April 2020 - Chele
May 2020 - lioness_05

4Fun Prize Page

June Collection Event
For the month of June we are filling a tool box up for our fathers or father figures!! There are 15 tools that we need to get into our toolboxes, so be sure to come in and start winning these tools!!
Tool Time

Summer Fun 3 Month Event
This summer we are trying to stay cool with some cool events for you all!! For Summer Fun, all swiss and double elimination tournaments will earn you points. There are some specials also on the calendar that will earn you extra points, and this is all on every single win in the tournament!! Be sure to schedule some days to come in and play with us!!
Summer Fun

Player Appreciation Day
In July, Player Appreciation Day (PAD) is making a come back!! We will begin doing these once a month again because we truly appreciate those players the come in and play with us. Be on the lookout for more infomation in next month's newsletter!!

That is all I have for now, be sure to come and see us in 4Fun!!
We are here everyday to make tournaments for your playing pleasure!

Have a wonderful day!!