4Fun Newsletter!
September 2018

The leaves are changing colors now, and it's time to
change up some things in 4Fun as well!!

Trick or Treat October
Will October bring us Tricks or Treats? Well let's find out!! So many funners out there have suggestions for the league. Some of these we have used over the years, some we have not. Starting now, we are asking all the members to send in any suggestion for the league they would like to see. In October, we will use a different suggestion each day, so please be specific in your suggestions!!!

We will be skipping the first day of October, that way we can post the schedule of suggesitons and what will be used that day. We will also post who sent in the suggestion, unless you wish to remain anonymous. It is intended to use all suggestions sent in, the only reason we would not use a suggestion is if it goes against the policies for MyLeague or the policies for SHG. We look forward to seeing all the suggestions!!

It would be greatly appreciated, after the daily suggestion has been used, if you as the members would send in your feedback about the suggestion. If we receive excellent feedback on something, than we will add it permanently to the league. Thank you in advance to all who participate and send in suggestions!!

League Suggestions


Raise The Flags
We are continuing with Raising the Flags!! Remember that all tournaments played each day count towards earning you flag points, and there are special tournaments each month with FREE FLAGS on them. Please visit the link below for more information!!!
Raise The Flags

That is all I have for now, please watch the Forum available on the
Leagues Main page for more updates as they come.

Again, THANK YOU ALL for supporting our wonderful league!! Let's keep it wonderful!!

Amber (stevesprettyangel_8 / stevesangel_8)

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