Hello Funners and Happy Valentine's Day!!
February 2017

League Rule Changes
Thank you to all the members that submitted a Member Review. Based on these reviews, we have made some changes here in 4Fun. As such, I have updated the League Rules, which contains anything new and updated. Please read these as soon as possible to know the updated rules as they are in effect starting February 1st!!!
League Rules

Now we will give a little leeway during the first week of the month while folks are getting used to the changes, but at some point we will start expecting everyone to follow them.

The first one that is changing, while we cannot and will not patrol tables to make sure you are saying Good Hand, it is expected of you to say Good Luck before you begin the game and saying Good Game when you are done. We are cracking down on Bad Sportsmanship, and we want to make sure everyone has a good time here.

The next big change is sitting on tables. Unless you are waiting for your opponent to join (because the pairs have just gone out) no one can sit and hold a table. If we find you to be doing so, you will be privately messaged to relinquish the table.

We are also cracking down on folks that have joined a tournament and are not in the lobby. Before we start a tournament, the hosting TD will do a head count. If a player is not in the lobby, we will remove the player before starting the tournament.

Lastly, it is down in black and white that the hosting TDs and opponents are NOT required to message a player to either make a table or come to a table. It is the TD's job to put the player on timer, and while some will message you, it is not their job to do so. So when you join a tournament, please keep an eye out for when the pairs are spammed in the lobby.

Welcome to all of our new members!
Please join us for the new members' tournament on February 15th @ 7pm.
New Members' Tournament

If by chance, this day does not work out for you, or you'd like to
have your own special tournament, please fill out the form below
New Member Tournament Request

4Fun Player Spotlight
4Fun has rolled out the purple carpet and turned the spotlights on a member. Sometimes this will be someone we approach; sometimes it will be a volunteer! If you wish to be the next person to be in the spotlight, please contact CANASTA4FUN! You can do this by email as well at canasta4fun@4funmembers.com

What is your nickname and how did you choose it?
Craklyn9 - I used to be very fond of Redwall by Brian Jacques. Craklyn was one of the mice's names in the book and 9 is my favorite number.

When is your birthday?
May 27th

What are your hobbies?
Canasta league, Zoo World, working out when I can, and helping people. I used to enjoy pool, but haven't played in quite some time.

What is your favorite color or colors?

Who is your favorite actor or actress?
Sandra Bullock

What do you like to do for fun?
I like to have dinner with my family, watch movies and play canasta!

Do you have any ideas for improving 4Fun? If so what are they?
I often have suggestions but cannot think of any at the moment. I do think that overall members should be nicer, such as like always saying GH, GL or GG during all the games.

What is your favorite game or games to play in 4Fun?
I like Simon Says NTC, Cherry 7up NT, King Me NT, Limbo NTC, and SOS NTC

What do you like about 4Fun?
Definitely the people. I also love that most of the game rules are easy to understand, of course there are some odd rules here and there, but majority of the rules are good. I know I do wish the games were more varied, instead of always the same games played day after day.

Would you like to upload a picture of yourself to put in the newsletter?
Maybe later

Net Worth
I am sure most have you have been having fun playing Net Worth these last couple of months! Starting February 1st, we are increasing the points you can earn for each individual tournament. The new point set up is available on the Net Worth page, which is linked below.
Net Worth

Wizard of Oz
Starting February 1st, we will begin a new doubles event!! The theme for this doubles event is The Wizard of Oz. Come out and join us for some fun with this doubles event as we travel through Oz! These doubles tournaments will be held everyday at 12am, 12pm, 3pm, 5pm, 10pm.

If you are not on a team yet, be sure to visit the page and sign up!
Wizard Of Oz

Special Events Page
Be sure to check out the SE Page for all the event dates and times for the upcoming month. Please, if you are looking at January's page still, give it a day or two to update to the new one as this newsletter went out before the first of the month.
4Fun SE Page

That is all I have for now, please watch the Forum available on the Leagues Main page for more updates as they come.

Again, THANK YOU ALL for supporting our wonderful league!!
Let's keep the FUN happening in 4FUN!!

Amber (stevesprettyangel_8 / stevesangel_8)