Hello Funners and Happy New Year!!

I want to wish all of you a wonderful New Year and may all your Resolutions be accomplished!!

Recent Poll
The question on lots of players minds, what were the results from the poll? Did we get enough votes in? Yes, indeed we received 38 of the 35 needed votes for the poll to be useful. While the results were not overwhelming as far as a majority, there was a majority and on January 1st we will be returning to have 45 minutes as our singles game time limit.

PLEASE NOTE!!! - Slow play was a problem with 45 minutes before, and if your opponent is slow playing you need to IM your hosting TD in order for the TD to come and time your opponent. Any posts in the lobby can be missed and there is no guarantee we will come to the table unless we receive a IM message. The reason we ask for this, is we do not want drama in the lobby from players arguing over who is playing slow.

December Giveaways
We had several giveaways in December, including tourneys, raffles, all kinds of things. There are many players that I need their address in order to send their prize. I will be looking for you to get that information.

Members Forum
If you would like to be a part of our Members Forum, please feel free to register. Here you can ask questions, you can comment, visit, etc. The staff are all a part of this, and when you have a question, and you don't see us, this is a good place that we are sure to visit. Please be sure to register with your 4Fun name so that you are easily recognized.
Register for Members Forum

New Years Resolutions
We have a new event starting up for January!! This is all about completely some 4Fun Resolutions. Good luck to everyone with this event!! To view the information on this event, please click below:
New Years Resolutions

Happy In the Lobby
Things are slow for us right now, we have several staff members that are out for various reasons including health, computer problems, and traveling. However, we are hosting everyday, and we would love for you to come and see us and have some fun. We are doing our best to keep things happy and fun in the lobby, so do be sure negative comments are not welcome, but partying is most definately welcome.

That is all I have for now, see you in the lobby!!
Again, THANK YOU ALL for supporting our wonderful league!!
Let's keep the FUN happening in 4FUN!!

Amber (stevesangel_8)