Starting on July 16th, 4Fun is taking off to to explore the galaxy and visit some far away planets.

Space Travelers is a team event. All games played will be doubles games.
You can team up with someone from your own Space team or from another team.

While players will be assigned to a team, each player will earn points
for themselves individually that get added together for a team score.

If you have not already signed up, please do so now!!

Sign up will be from now till August 15th after that sign ups will be closed,
no more players will be added to teams so PLEASE make sure to sign up quickly.

If you wish to join a team and start your travels through space,
please use the form below to sign up!

Good luck to everyone!!

Your 4Fun League ID:
(Example stevesangel_8)

To visit each planet, each team has to earn a set number of points. The points are different for each planet. For each planet, each team member must earn at least ten percent of the points. If the total team points is more than the required point value for the planet, team members that have already earned their ten percent, can start earning for team members that have not.

Mercury - 250 points
Venus - 500 points
Earth - 750 points
Mars - 1000 points
Jupiter - 1250 points
Saturn - 1500 points
Uranus - 1750 points
Neptune - 2000 points
Pluto - 2500 points

Where you finish in the tournament will determine the points you receive.
1st Place - 50 points
2nd Place - 40 points
3rd and 4th Place - 30 points

After you have visited a planet, your whole team points will be reset and then you will move on to the next planet.

While subs are always appreciated when we need them, you can earn points for this as well. If you sub at anytime during the tournament, for any length of time (at least playing 1 card), you will earn 20 points.
**Please Note** - You will only earn sub points for subbing.

The team that visits all the planets will get to choose a prize from the 4Fun Prize Page!! To view the prize options click below:
Visit 4Fun's Prize Page!

The Special Events team hopes you enjoy this event!!

If you wish to leave feedback about this event or anything
concerning the league, please click the link below:
Feedback Form

Updated Through: November 30, 2017

1st Place - Solar Moon
2nd Place - Orion Rising
3rd Place - Space Rings

For a detailed listing of your points from previous planets, please click your team name!

Currently Visiting: Saturn Total Points = 160
kkboddie 160 Triff 0
rubydawn 0 SAE3197 0
PETALO 0 -- 0

Currently Visiting: Saturn Total Points = 1090
mickey6975 490 -- 0
christinej 280 Bekka 0
jojo729561 320 -- 0

Currently Visiting: Jupiter Total Points = 1035
bluejeans_baby 395 bethe_1962 265
snakeman82 125 latte4nana 125
Miss_Melisa 125 -- 0

Currently Visiting: Uranus Total Points = 400
Charlie4Fun 60 summer_sky25 0
CANASTA4FUN 340 kid_vicious55 0
taintedlove257 0 -- 0

Currently Visiting: Jupiter Total Points = 710
Magzwashere 620 -- 0
craklyn9 90 JestaMumma 0
toomuchstress66 0 -- 0

Currently Visiting: Saturn Total Points = 690
enchanted_bunny 90 Chele 340
snakeswife13 0 mggr2001gr 260

Currently Visiting: Jupiter Total Points = 1480
BIGCOUNTRY 830 ironman 130
superstitch 100 damensalvatore3 330
dottie1956 90 -- 0

Currently Visiting: Saturn Total Points = 1010
mizzkaye 420 bbywiggles40 50
not_sharonwilds 420 Lil_Brittany 120
ely_572003 0 -- 0

Currently Visiting: Completed Total Points = 0
Wendi09 0 always_right51 0
tuttifrutti1046 0 cherhun49 0
Tresa903 0 -- 0

Currently Visiting: Uranus Total Points = 410
andreawhitaker 0 wendyfollick 140
xobeckyboopxo 0 jingles1963 270
-- 0 -- 0

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