Time to sort out the best
of the best! Tournament
of Champions are
special tournaments for
those that have won at
least 1 tournament for
the previous month.

PU Singles
Sun June 4th

GAME (PU) @ 2pm

NTC Singles
Sun June 18th

GAME @ 7pm

PU Doubles
Sun June 25th

GAME @ 9pm

NTC Doubles
Sun June 11th

GAME @ 2am

6th, 13th,
20th, & 27th

3rd, 10th,
17th, & 24th

The New Games
being introduced
this month are:

None for June

To view the rules of
these new games
please click the
link below.

Each weekday there is a
different special for our
members to enjoy.

These are held every day
at 8pm, except for
the TOCs where the
times will vary.

Please check out the
information below for
more details and links
on our specials.

Big Buxx
June 5th @ 8pm
June 12th @ 8pm
June 19th @ 8pm
June 26th @ 8pm

Go Nuts Double ELim
June 6th @ 8pm
June 13th @ 8pm
June 20th @ 8pm
June 27th @ 8pm

Survivor Swiss
June 7th @ 8pm
June 14th @ 8pm
June 21st @ 8pm
June 28th @ 8pm

Lottery Swiss
June 1st @ 8pm
June 8th @ 8pm
June 15th @ 8pm
June 22nd @ 8pm
June 29th @ 8pm

Finish Line Swiss
June 2nd @ 8pm
June 9th @ 8pm
June 16th @ 8pm
June 23rd @ 8pm
June 30th @ 8pm

Player Bounty
June 3rd @ 8pm
June 10th @ 8pm
June 17th @ 8pm
June 24th @ 8pm

Please take your time to look around,
and see what the Special Events Team has
scheduled for the month of June
A brief outline of this month's events
are listed in the left and right columns.

Each month The Special Events Team hosts
a variety of special tournaments.
A few examples are:

Tournament Of Champions,
Birthdays & Staff Anniversary,
Seasonal Events,
A variety of Swiss Tournaments
Exclusive To Special Events
And much much more.

Check out our page every month to
see what is new and exciting!

The SE Team also introduces New Games
to the league each month.
Want to suggest a new game for 4Fun?
Just click on the button below

If You Have a Birthday Tournament Request,
please feel free to fill out the
Birthday Request Form
Or you can submit your birthdate using the form below, and we will e-mail you each year to ask for your birthday request
Submit Your Birthday

We hope you enjoy all the Tournaments & Events
We have planned for the league this month.

Have a suggestion for the
Special Events Team?
Click on the button below and send it in!

We are always looking for new and fun
ideas and all suggestions
are taken seriously!!








Let's celebrate

For the summer, 4Fun
will be having exciting
Swiss and DE tourneys
each day for you to
earn points with.

The player with the
most Summer points
at the end of August
will be the winner!

The preset tourneys
listed below are worth
more points than all
other Swiss and DE's.

All Swiss and DE
tourneys will count
towards your Summer
Fun points!!

Thu 1st @ 9pm
Fri 2nd @ 11pm
Sun 4th @ 1am
Mon 5th @ 3am
Wed 7th @ 11am

Thu 8th @ 1pm
Fri 9th @ 3:30pm
Sun 11th @ 5pm
Mon 12th @ 7pm
Wed 14th @ 9pm

Thu 15th @ 11pm
Fri 16th @ 1am
Sun 18th @ 3am
Mon 19th @ 11am

Wed 21st @ 1pm
Thu 22nd @ 3:30pm
Fri 23rd @ 5pm
Sun 25th @ 7pm

Mon 26th @ 9pm
Wed 28th @ 11pm
Thu 29th @ 1am
Fri 30th @ 3am

Double Elim
Thu 1st @ 2:30pm
Fri 2nd @ 4:30pm
Sun 4th @ 6:30pm
Mon 5th @ 8:30pm
Wed 7th @ 10:30pm

Double Elim
Thu 8th @ 12:30am
Fri 9th @ 2:30am
Sun 11th @ 10:30am
Mon 12th @ 12:30pm
Wed 14th @ 2:30pm

Double Elim
Thu 15th @ 4:30pm
Fri 16th @ 6:30pm
Sun 18th @ 8:30pm
Mon 19th @ 10:30pm

Double Elim
Wed 21st @ 12:30am
Thu 22nd @ 2:30am
Fri 23rd @ 10:30am
Sun 25th @ 12:30pm

Double Elim
Mon 26th @ 2:30pm
Wed 28th @ 4:30pm
Thu 29th @ 6:30pm
Fri 30th @ 8:30pm

To see how you are
doing and for more
information on this
event, including all
the prizes, please
click on the link below:

4Fun would like to
welcome all of our
new members each month.

To do this, we have set
up a tournament
to welcome everyone.

Fri June 16th @ 7pm

For June,
instead of sailing,
we will be building
some ships in bottles!

There are 12 total
bottles with ships,
and you have to win
each ship 4 times
to collect it!

To see how you are
doing and for more
information on this
event, including all
the prizes, please
click on the link below: