The following are 4Fun's league rules. If you ever have any questions
about any of these rules, please contact an Admin.

1. RESPECT - We ask that you treat Everyone with Respect!!! NO harassing of members or staff, NO cursing, NO fighting, NO disruptive behavior of any kind. Disruptive and disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated. A warning is not compulsory; it is Admin discretion to issue a warning or not depending on circumstances and severity. Members may be boxed without warning, depending on the severity of the infraction. If you have a problem with someone, PLEASE TAKE IT PRIVATE. Creating a scene in the lobby is NOT ACCEPTABLE, if you have a problem please message an Admin, HTD, or TD and we will discuss this issue with you. If you are asked to drop it from the lobby and continue you will be boxed 3 days minimum.
While IM's can be private, they are not always. Some members can and will send
Log Chats to Admins. When this happens, this means that your private
conversation is no longer private. Please understand that when you
are in IM's you are still expected to be respectful.

1a. AVOIDING PUNISHMENT - Anyone found to be changing names in order to come to the lobby and cause a disturbance will be boxed the same as if they were in their league name. It is the person, not the ID that is a member. If a member withdraws to violate a league rule(s) and rejoins the league, they will be boxed upon rejoining. Additionally, if you have been boxed or banned and try to rejoin the league with a different ID, the new ID will be kicked and banned. If you have already been placed in the box, we will extend your time in the box to account for the additional drama.

2. PRACTICE GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP - We ask that members always use good sportsmanship when playing in league games and tournaments. This does include saying Good Luck (gl) before a game begins and Good Game (gg) when the game is over. Good sportsmanship also includes finishing any game that you start. Please remember that in every game, there is going to be a winner AND a loser and we ask that you be a good sport. Repeated issues of bad sportsmanship, including leaving games when losing, will result in being boxed.

3. KEEP IT CLEAN IN THE LOBBY SCENE - We expect our members to refrain from using curse words, explicit sexual talk, and disruptive political talk in the lobby and at league tables. If there is a complaint, we will ask you to please be more careful. We understand most of the members are adults but not everyone appreciates this kind of talk in the lobby. So just please be cautious about this kind of chat and courteous to others about this.

3a. APPROPRIATE LEAGUE NAMES - League names are not to contain profanity or sexually explicit content. If your ID is inappropriate, you will be asked to change your league name; failure to do so will result in boxing and/or removal from the league.

4. IDS MUST MATCH - Your league ID must match your Safe Harbor ID. These do not have to exact as far as capital and lower case letters, but the characters used must be the same. For example: BOBWASHERETODAY and bobwasHEREtoday are the same and that is acceptable. BOBWASHERETODAY and Bob_was_here_today are not the same and therefore unacceptable.

You cannot play in a tournament if these are not the same. If it is noticed after a tournament has begun, a staff member will get a hold of you so that you can change your league ID immediately after the current tournament is over. You will not be allowed to join any further tournaments until this has been taken care of. If you need help with changing your league ID, please contact an Admin and we can change it for you.
We are aware that some players do not always know how to adjust their league IDs.
If we find this to be the case, something that is extremely close will be acceptable,
or an Admin will help edit the ID. An extremely close example would be
Bob_andSue and Bob.andSue where only one character is different.
This will be something decided on a case by case basis.

5. ONE ID PER PERSON - Each league member is only allowed to have one ID in the league. If we find duplicate accounts, you will be sent an email to verify which one you want to keep. If you do not respond to the email, we will remove the ID that is used the least.

5a. MULTIPLE NAMES / SAME HOUSEHOLD - Signing up multiple names in 4Fun is NOT allowed. If you are in the same household with another member, you need to advise an Admin IMMEDIATELY! Please note: Even couples that are NOT living together may be placed on the same household list at the discretion of Admin. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to inform the Admin team if you have more then 1 member join the league from the same location (household). Click below to view Rules on same household.


6. COMPLAINTS - Please use the complaint box for any complaints that you may have. Do not send IM's with a complaint unless it is an urgent situation. The Admins are only human and we might forget your complaint otherwise. The complaint box is on 4Fun's homepage. We also welcome your comments and suggestions and the links for all the pages are listed below for your convenience.




7. EVENTS WINNERS (Effective Dec 2011) - 4Fun has become known for the Special Events we host. Because we offer prizes for these events, we feel it is only fair to limit how often each member can win our events. For the major Special Events (events that are 6 months or more) you can only win these once a year. This is due to the prizes being so large. If by chance you were to come in first and you have already won a major Special Event in the last year, you will automatically be awarded the 2nd place prize or 3rd place if it is your 3rd major event. Now this is not from January to December...this is if you win a major event in March you cannot win another major event until the following March.

For the Special Events that are mid-way (3 to 6 months long) you can only win these once every 6 months.

For the regular Special Events (monthly events that are only one month long) you can only win these once every 3 months. This means that if you win Prince or Princess in August, you cannot win another small event until November.

The following are 4Fun's Tournament Rules. These rules are mostly specific towards tournaments and are expected to be followed during tournaments. Please remember the League Rules always apply as well.

1. BE IN LOBBY - Before a tournament begins, no matter how many are in, the TD will check to make sure that all registered players are in the lobby. If someone is not in the lobby, the player will be removed from the tournament. If the tournament is a doubles, the TD can still start the tournament, but will find a sub for the missing player after an MIA timer is up.

2. SITTING ON TABLES (Effective February 1, 2017) - Players cannot sit and hold a table. If a player is found to be sitting on a table to hold it, unless pairs have gone out and they are waiting on their opponent, they will be privately messaged and asked to relinquish the table. Failure to do so will result in being soft booted from the lobby.

3. NO VISITORS - During tournament games, there is to be no one on the table watching your game unless it is the TD. Members or even non-members will be asked to leave the table if they are kibitzing. Any player that refuses to do so will be soft booted from the lobby.

4. NAME THE TABLE - The first player or team listed in the pairings have 3 minutes to claim table and seat choice after pairings are posted in lobby. In a doubles game, either player from the first team listed is able to name the table and choose seats. If a player is MIA at time of pairings they are put on timer from pairings time after the 3 minutes to name table is over.
Please post in the lobby which table you are at so that
the hosting TD and your opponents can easily find you.

4a. IF YOU MISSED PAIRS (Effective February 1, 2017) - The hosting TD and your opponent are NOT required to message you if you have not responded once pairs have been spammed in lobby. Some TDs will message you if they think about it, but it is their job to put you on timer if you have not gotten to the table within the 3 minutes allowed.

4b. SECOND PLAYER TO MAKE - After the 3 minutes time has expired, the TD will then ask for the second player or team in the match to name the table. Please note, the player must wait until the TD asks for seconds to make.

If after 5 minutes the second player still has not named the table, the TD will then ask for either player to name the table.

5. GAME LENGTH TIME - In order to keep things moving along, we have a time limit on our games: 45 minutes for singles and 60 minutes for doubles. If a game goes the full time allotted, game is to be called at the end of the current hand being played.

5a. GAME START TIME (Effective April 15, 2015) - Start time for a game will be when the pairs are posted in the lobby. All TDs have a time stamp on the pairs spam, and that will be the start time for all games in that spam.

6. WAIT TO HIT GO (Effective July 19, 2015) - The player choosing the table will wait to hit "GO" until all players are seated at the table. Accidents do happen, but if "GO" is hit before all players are seated, the hosting TD will ask for the table to be reset.

7. TABLE SETTINGS - All our tables are to be made as specified by the rules page of the tournament. This will also be posted with the pairs in the lobby, so please pay attention!! After the table settings are done, the hosting TD will check that the settings were done correctly. If they were not done correctly, the hosting TD will ask you to reset the table. On the rare occasion that this is not caught until a couple of hands have been played, the hosting TD will ask you to remake the table with a different end score to finish out the game. The scores from the first table will count towards the second table, but only the scores from finished hands.
If the rules page of a tournament has the incorrect tournament settings,
the hosting TD will ask you to use the correct tournament settings!

8. READ RULES - It is YOUR responsibility to read the rules in the tournaments that you join. All rules pertaining to that tournament will be on the rules page. If you do not understand the rules, ASK the hosting TD BEFORE you begin the game. If you DQ because you did not understand the rules, we will not restart the game!

8a. RUNNING RULES AT TABLES (Effective May 1, 2015) - Tournament Directors will not run game rules at the table unless requested by one of the players. Rules, as stated above, are posted on the tournament pages under Rules. Please ask for the game rules to be ran at your table in the lobby or via private message. PLEASE let the hosting TD run the rules at the table if you need them. We will not restart a game if the wrong rules were ran by a player.

9. NO RESTARTS - The hosting TD will not restart any game!! There is only one exception to this, and that is if there is something wrong with the rules or table that is the hosting TD's fault. The reason for this is because we do not want to hold up tournaments unnecessarily.

10. FIRST MELD vs INITIAL MELD - Some of the game rules have specific instructions in regards to FIRST meld or INITIAL meld. To be clear, these are not the same thing, and they are defined below to help you better understand.

FIRST MELD - The first time you meld, this includes all the cards that hit the table before you have discarded. Once you discard, your first meld is over.

INITIAL MELD - The first cards to hit the table. Any cards added after that, even before you discard, do not count towards the initial meld. Once your cards have hit the table, your initial meld is over but you are still in your first meld until you discard.

11. GIVING WINS - Giving wins in tournaments is not allowed. If you do not intend to play a tournament, please do not join. As stated in earlier rules, it is considered bad sportsmanship to leave before a game is finished. If you finish your game, and wish to award the win to your opponent you can do so because a full game has been played.

PLEASE NOTE: We cannot force you to stay in the lobby, but please do not ask us to give a win because that is not what we do and is considered tournament fraud!!

12. PARTNERS (Effective February 6, 2022) - In Doubles you and your partner no longer require a TD (3rd party) present if you are playing on another table together. If there is an insinuation of cheating, the hosting TD may come to your additional table to read the table chat.

13. DIFFERENT END SCORES - To keep things fun and interesting, occasionally the TD's will use different end scores on tournaments. When they do this, that information will be available on the rules page of the tournament as well as the pairings information posted in the lobby.

14. SLOW PLAY (Effective February 6, 2022) - Slow play is an unfortunate occurrence. After much discussion, it has been decided that the hosts will no longer time between plays for slow play. There is very little that we can do to actually make a player speed up their play. Players have a full 45 minutes to play a singles game and 60 minutes to play a doubles game.

If your opponent is playing slow, you can ask the hosting TD to come to the table and the hosting TD will do their best to help speed things along, but we will not time the plays. However, if we do find them to be playing extremely slow, the hosting TD will start an MIA timer.
Please remember we are not out to be rude to anyone,
we just want to keep things as fair as possible for all players.

15. 3 GAMES ONLY - Players are only allowed to play in 3 League/Tournament Games at one time. This is any day of the week and it does include playing in another lobby. While we have no preference if you are playing here and somewhere else, you are still limited to a total of 3 games. Please note, this is not JOINING tournaments, this is PLAYING in tournaments. As an example, if you join the next 6 tournaments on the calendar, but only 2 are running, you are still following the rules. However, you will need to watch and make sure that no more than 3 of the tournaments are running at one time.

15a. 4 OR MORE GAMES - If you are found to be in more games than allowed, this includes non-league games and games in other lobbies, you will be disqualified out of one of them. A staff member will message you and disqualify you from one of the tournaments. If you are found to be doing this a lot, more drastic measures will be taken.

16. BOOTS AND MIA'S - In a tournament you are allowed 3 boots from the table/lobby (on the 4th boot you will be disqualified). A boot is defined as being gone for more than one minute. Boots less than one minute will not count as a boot.

In a doubles game, if you have booted 3 times or been gone a total of 5 minutes, the TD will find a sub to finish the game.

MIA's are not to be used as an excuse for holding up tournament play. A game will still be limited to the times of 45 minutes for singles, and 60 minutes for doubles regardless if there has been boots or MIA players.
A doubles team must have one original player in order to find a sub for an MIA player

PLEASE NOTE: If the TD cannot find a sub in the lobby after 3 mins of asking, then the TD will sit and finish out the hand regardless if the TD is already playing (if TD is playing on that table, they must still search for a sub).

17. BRB - If you go BRB, please post BRB in the chat of the game table. When your opponent says BRB, if you feel that they will not be back within 3 minutes, please alert the hosting TD right away. When a player says BRB and they are gone for longer than 3 minutes, we cannot put a timer on them from the BRB unless we are alerted to when they say BRB. After being gone for longer than 3 minutes an MIA timer will be started from the time you said BRB. This time will count towards your total MIA time allowed.
Some of our players have mobility issues and take a longer BRB.
To be fair to all players, as long as the hosting TD is alerted, the MIA timer
will be started on them after 3 minutes. All we ask is that players be patient
for those that do have mobility issues as this is not something they
can change and everyone has a right to be here and enjoy themselves.

18. TIMERS FOR SUBS - In doubles tournaments, the timer to get a sub is 5 minutes. If a player does not return after the MIA timer runs out, then the Hosting TD is to go to lobby and get a sub; taking the first person to say "ME" in the lobby. The hosting TD will then thank the player (acknowledging them) and direct them to the table to sub.

Please let the hosting TD do their job in finding and acquiring a sub. Do not name the table or ask for a sub ahead of the hosting TD as they are the ones that keep the time and find the sub. Additionally, there will be some players that are unable to sub due to too many games or already being in the tournament. In those situations, the TD will know what is going on more so than the players.

If the case of the original player returning before the game is over, if the original player started the game, the sub will finish the hand that is being played and let original player have their seat back. However, if the sub started the game, the sub will finish the game and the original player can continue on the next round if their team advances. This is done because the same people that started the game, must be sitting in the same seats and be the ones to finish the game for the game to be rated in SHG.

PLEASE NOTE: If the TD cannot find a sub in the lobby after 3 mins of asking, then the TD will sit and finish out the hand regardless if the TD is already playing (if TD is playing on that table, they must still search for a sub).

19. TABLE TALK - Table talking is defined as discussing anything about the cards you have in your hand or any plays that will affect the outcome of the hand being played. You can discuss cards from previous hands, such as "Sorry P, did not have any Kings". Asking "out p?" is ok, during game play, but please try to limit answers to either yes or no. Anything that could affect how the hand is played is considered table talking.

Table talking is a hard subject. Some areas can be very iffy about whether or not it was table talk. And there are other areas, that are not table talk, but can appear to be. As an example, telling your partner to not discard Queens because you need them IS table talk. Posting at the beginning of the hand, 7s to meld, 4s to nasta, nasta 7s to go out is a reminder of the game you are playing and IS NOT table talk. If you are concerned that your opponents are table talking, please contact the hosting TD. If the TD feels that someone has table talked they will issue a warning to the team, if the player continues to table talk then the team will be disqualified.

20. ACCUSATIONS OF CHEATING - If you suspect a player or team has cheated in a game against you, PLEASE notify an admin about this and DO NOT take it public either at the table or to the lobby. If you are caught publicly accusing a person or team you will be placed in the box for 1 day the 1st time, 3 days the 2nd time, 7 days the 3rd time, and 10 days for all further offenses. Accusing someone of cheating is not something we take lightly. Just because someone is a good player does not mean they are cheating.

21. CHEATING / MESSAGING YOUR PARTNER - You are NOT to contact your partner about anything during a doubles game. Anyone found to be messaging their partner about their cards during a game will be asked to leave the table, boxed, and a sub acquired for them. If your partner responds to the message the entire team will be disqualified and both parties boxed. If someone attempts to cheat by messaging you, it is YOUR responsibility to notify an Admin RIGHT AWAY! If we receive numerous reports of cheating against you, consequences can range from warnings, to being placed on the same household list, to boxing or even being kicked from the league depending on the number and severity of the complaints. A boxing can range from 1-90 days depending on the content of the messages that are received by admin.

22. DISQUALIFICATIONS - Everyone does it from time-to-time. When a DQ happens, please stop playing. You do not need to call the TD to the table unless there is a dispute of the DQ. If there is no dispute, please post in the lobby of the win or loss. You may be asked what happened, all that is needed is that it was a DQ. If there is a dispute to the DQ, do not close the table and please contact the hosting TD to verify if a DQ did happen. On some occasions, an Admin (or HTD if no Admin available) may be called to table to assist the TD with the call. The decision made will be final and failure to proceed as directed could lead to boxing.

If you have a dispute to any call made in a game you should screen shot the issue and submit it to the Head Admin. Disqualifying on purpose is not allowed and will be reported. If a member has too many reports of disqualifying on purpose, or it seems to be a repeated occurrence they will be boxed.

For Complaints concerning tournament issues please click below!!


Be courteous to your host and players and always use good sportsmanship!!!!

League Games do not happen often in 4Fun, but when they do, here is the information on how the league games work.

1. START BY ASKING - If you do not have time for a tournament, or you are waiting and want to play a league game in between, you first start out by asking in the lobby for someone to play with you. It is a golden rule in 4Fun to accept the first player(s) that say "me" in the lobby.

2. KNOW THE RULES - Before starting a league game, first agree upon a game with all the players involved. Then, make sure that all players know the rules of the game that you are playing. You can do this by asking a TD to spam the rules on the table for you, or by getting the rules from the Players Rules page, which is linked below.


3. REPORT LOSS - Immediately after finishing the game, please go to the main page of the league and report your loss. It is the considerate thing to do since you had agreed to play the game with your opponents. On the main page of the league click on STANDINGS and the Report Loss link is the last link in the sub headings. For a direct link click below.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are not signed in to the main page you will need to do so in order to report the loss. If you are having a problem reporting the loss, please contact an Admin as soon as possible and we will assist you.

PLEASE ALSO NOTE: Sometimes when you report a loss you will be "flagged" as cheating. This is an error that sometimes occurs, it is nothing against you. If this happens, please let an Admin know and he/she will report the loss for you if it did not go through.

Report Loss

4. UNREPORTED MATCHES - If an opponent fails to report their loss please kindly remind them to do so. After 24 hours, if the loss has still not been reported, please file an unreported match claim. When an unreported match is filed against you, you will receive an email from MyLeague informing you of this report. Please check your game stats to see if this match was reported for you; if not you can report your losses at this time. When league operations checks into the unreported match, if they find it has not been reported then they will report the match. They will notify you that they have reported the match. If it is your first offense you will also receive a warning and no penalty, 2nd offense you will receive a final warning and no penalty, and for a 3rd offense you will receive a penalty (mark on your account). For all future offenses you will receive a penalty (mark on your account), be dropped on the ladder, and be boxed for 3 days each time.

Report an Unreported Match

If you have any questions about League Games or unreported matches,
please feel free to contact one of our League Operations Admins.

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Last Updated: February 9, 2022