Hello Funners!!
May 2025 Newsletter

Happy Spring everyone! I know it has been a while since you have heard directly from me,
and because I do not know what has been shared and what has not, here is what has been going on in my life.

A few years ago, my Dad started having heart problems. Since then, we have had him in and out of the
hospital so many times, we stopped keeping track. He had a triple bypass surgery, and multiple stents
put in since then. It seems as if every 2 months he is back in the hospital for another stent.
After this last one early in 2024, he was put on new medication and has since managed to stay out of the hospital.
Each time he has been in the hospital, my sister and I both go to support our mother and I am usually
the one who helps him when he comes home from the hospital...because I do not work.

Last year in June, my youngest son graduated from high school. He then, against my wishes, accepted a job
without first getting a license to drive. He was supposed to take his driving test at the end of June last year,
but because of his job, we were unable to make the appointment. Since that time, I am my son's main
transportation to and from work, and also to and from college.

We had just secured an exam spot in October of 2023. On the way to do one more practice run of maneuverability
before he took his test, my son took a curve too fast, overcorrected, and flipped our truck. In a major case of
our guardian angels working way overtime, both my son and I walked away from the accident, however I walked
away with a shattered clavicle bone. After that, I went through surgery and recovery. I keep up with some
physical therapy exercises twice a week with my sister as my strength is still not fully back in my arm
and I do still have some pain every now and then.

It has taken several months to get my son ready again to take his driving test,
as expected he was most reluctant to get back behind the wheel.

Then to top all of that off, last winter my computer was fried when we had back to back power outages.
Since we had to first pay off my surgery, a new computer was not on the list of priorities.
I very recently received a replacement computer, not quite what I want, but close enough to work for now.

Overall, that is my life in a nutshell. It has been a hard road for me, and while I do not want a pity party,
I do want to make sure everyone understands that my not being here has not been completely by choice,
it has been circumstances that led me to make the choice of family over league.

Things are getting better bit by bit, and I do hope you all will continue to hang in there with 4Fun!!

Collection Events
For the time being, we are not going to be having any collection events, we are going to be working around our smaller
membership and try out some other types of events. The first month of these will begin in May.
The May event will be a smallish one, and I do hope you all enjoy it.

Spring Raffle
For May and June, we will be doing a weekly raffle! You have to play games here in 4Fun in order to be eligible for the raffle,
so be sure to come in and join our staff for some fun tournaments!!
Spring Raffle Page

New Staff
Considering most of the staff have left 4Fun, we are in need of some new staff members!!
If you are interested in being a staff member here, please fill out the TD Application available on the main page of the league!!

If you have any questions about what being a staff member means or the requirements for it, feel free to
contact me (Amber aka stevesangel_8) anytime via email @ stevesprettyangel_8@yahoo.com
4Fun's TD Application

That's all for now folks!! More updates will come as we start to grow again!!

Thanks for taking the time to read!!!

Amber aka stevesangel_8